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Every Kid Should Grow Up In A Farming Community

This web site is kinda like an autobiography. So, as such I'll start at the beginning.

Everyone has to come from somewhere, I lived my first 18 years here........

The Old Stone House

This house was built sometime around 1816 from the best anyone can tell..... I may have been young while growing up here but, still have many memories......

Waynesburg Animal Hospital

We all moved here to be closer to schools and my parents business. We still had livestock at the Stone House for many years.

The Way Back Home

Travel to the southwestern corner of the Keystone state near the Mason-Dixon Line and guess what you'll find?.........  for me .... memories

Greene County Covered Bridges

Some may say nothing ever changes here in Greene County. Maybe.... Maybe our ancestors did such a good job making the perfect farming community there's nothing else to change?

Community Commerce

How many Head?, How many dollars?, How many deals?...... Wow! It's just like the auction web site Ebay.com.  Once again Greene County is a hundred years ahead of it's time.

A Truly Convenient Store

A store that sells a little bit of everything out away from town. There is still many places that haven't caught on to this. I'm sure one day it'll be called a "Revolutionary Idea".

Old Advertisement Barns

These old barns receive a lot of attention by the big corporate world. I have seen pictures of advertising barns from Pennsylvania all around the country.

Monongahela River

Making up the east border of this timeless county. River Barges still efficiently transport the coal that powers the rest of the world. Our forefathers designed a culture to last the ages. Change is not always profitable, just wait and see...........

Just Follow The Red Brick Road

Before rushing into the future we should look at our past. I think our fathers knew something........

It's Tried And True

There has been a couple advancements though that we could give another look.