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What Lyn and I do for the Summers

Central Washington has a lake which stretches 50 miles into the rugged and beautiful Cascade mountians. Lake Chelan drains into the Columbia river near the town of Chelan. The northwest end of the lake has a quiet little community free of road access called Stehekin.

Lady Of The Lake II

This 100 foot steel vessel provides public access to the shoeline cabins, trails and the community of Stehekin, but there is always plenty of room left over for a great day of sight seeing spectacular Cascade Mountain scenery.

Wheel House Klaus

Will give you a relaxing 100 mile trip from Chelan to Stehekin and back upon pristine waters of Lake Chelan at 14 miles per hour. 

Would You Believe?

I get paid to sit here each day and look out this window.

Lady Express

For those of you in a little bit of a hurry to reach Stehekin this boat travels at 23 miles per hour. Arriving just in time for a relaxing lunch in a mountainous amphitheater.

Southeast End of Lake Chelan

The small town of Chelan host the sunny beach activities that keep people returning year after year.

Returning Home After an Incredible Experience

I think I know what we will do tomorrow!!!

You Won't Forget The Evenings