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This Page Will Display Topics of Interest and Fun

Send interesting stuff to me and I'll try to post it here.

In Home Theater Cinego D-1000
What do you think of our 9 foot Big Screen TV?
Project '62 JEEP

This project will keep me busy for a little while......... The black '52 Willys belongs to my very helpful neighbor. .....

Pot Peak Fire Smoke Over Lake Chelan

  Third day of July year 2004 ended only to ready for a new tomorrow. Grounds have been made more fertile from that that lived making life better for lives that follow.

This photo happened to be taken at 8:30pm while we said our last "good night" to Grandma.

Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft

After more then a decade of debating and writing of ideas for making the sky more accessible the FAA has released a whole new set of regulations. These new rules are to make aviation much less expensive then ever before.

Many companies are building Light Sport Aircraft for the same price as a Harley Davison. Most Sport Pilots will have less then ,500 invested into achieving their license.

Learn more about the greatest improvement to Aviation in a 100 years -  http://www.sportpilot.org/ .

Light Sport Aircraft

This 3/4 scale P-51 replica called a T-51 is being produced with fixed gear to be a LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). Click on the photo to go to the Titan Aircraft web page.

Click on the J3 Cub on Floats photo to see Cub Crafters web site.........

Hedgecoth's House In Florida
We've been giving Lyn's parents house in Port St Lucie a face lift so it can be listed in the flooded Florida housing market.